about elliott…

I am an embodiment educator, a fiber artist, and a genderqueer body of cells.

I am curious about the spaces where we learn and grow – how we are changed by being. I have been teaching yoga asana since 1993, and guiding therapeutic embodiment and mindfulness meditation practices since 1997.

Growing up within norms of binary genders and expectations of being and loving, I learned early-on that what is taught as solid – conceptually or physically – is simply not so. I continue learning and un-learning… becoming undone and being breath.

With advanced studies in contemplative education, habits of mind, creative arts, anatomy and physiology, developmental movement patterns, somatic psychology, and yoga therapy, I bring a quiet and reflective presence to meet your curiosities and personal insights about your current conditions and desires for change.

education & experience

  • Yoga therapist, since 2007
  • Yoga teacher, since 1993
  • Home practice of sitting meditation, since 1992
  • Home practice of Jhana Yoga (nondualist scripture, intuition, and s/Self study) and Hatha Yoga (awareness through movement), since 1990


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