appointment & contact info

no longer scheduling new clients


  • beingelliott at gmail dot com


  • for now, i teach one class a week at the Y

how much?

  • n/a

how long?

  • 1 hour sessions are the usual
    • first session with intake is typically 1 1/2 hours
    • we will meet to suit your goal(s) and/or current conditions and energy
    • 30 minute, 45 minute, and 2 hour lengths have proven useful

how many people?

  • 1-with-1 sessions
    • adults are welcome to stay and witness sessions with children
  • workshops can be uniquely designed for particular working groups and/or collegial constellations (past examples: school teachers, theatre cast & crew, medical healthcare teams, grief support, trauma aware yoga teaching, leadership mindfulness…)

how many sessions?

  • you are the guide for this encounter
  • depending on your goal(s):
    • 1 session can establish a basic home practice and plant seeds for you to grow
    • 3 sessions can uncover current habits and clarify next steps in your evolution
    • 10 sessions can allow re-patterning to endure, and more deeply seed your change potential
    • workshops and/or workshop series can be crafted for groups…


  • can i come just for fun… Yes
    • you can revel in the now and deepen pleasures in the life living
    • you can improve your overall well-being
  • therapeutically, you can engage in this process to experience relief from suffering

is this like a yoga class?

  • a session can be very different from –or– very much like a yoga class…
    • depending on your goal(s)
    • we can explore drawing and writing and seeing and hearing and eating and walking exercises – movement games and meditation techniques that don’t look like typical asana classes here in the west
    • some clients take their goals and curiosities right onto the mat into physical asana, to reflect their mind, emotion, and movement ways…

~  there is no physical limit to accessing yoga  ~

what to wear?

  • well, i am biased and hope one is always wearing comfortable movable clothing, and i know some job dress codes are not thus
  • so, yeh, arriving in sweats, knits, any kind of “yoga” or fitness or dance wear is ideal
  • clothing can matter less when/if one is immobile for any reason
    • i have worked with folks in hospital beds and in wheel chairs, with varying ranges of mobile capacity, in moments unable to do anything more that breathe and move the eyes…


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