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Yoga is meditation in motion. Change happens at the speed of thought. Cultivating awareness of mind through mundane and extraordinary moments in life optimizes resilience and wholeness in living and loving.

I invite you to awaken and open new spaces and possibilities for pleasurable movement in this life in this body in this now. Sessions focus on integrative relaxation, re-patterning neuromuscular habits, re-patterning thoughts and emotional patterns, and embracing your precious impermanent life.

Our practice together may include stillness, yoga asanas(postures), breathing practices, mindfulness and awareness exercises, drawing, writing, reading, speaking, listening, and/or postural and gestural play with gravity, levity, furniture, walls, props, and other creative equipment…

~there is no physical limit to accessing yoga~

if you have a body, waves of breath, and a pumping heart, you can do this!

I can help you with:

  • gender journeying; identity, expression, and behavior
  • creative expression with artistic discipline
  • depression, self-harming, and suicide ideation
  • developmental movement repatterning
  • sensory processing and integration
  • PTSR (post-traumatic stress response); event, recurrent, and institutional/cultural trauma
  • chronic pain
  • surgery prep, healing, and repatterning


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