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After a session with elliott, I feel more myself, as if I have somehow come home to where I am comfortable.

I feel acceptance, kindness and nurturing through elliott’s calm and quiet presence, whether I’m working on movement or stillness practice. There is an atmosphere of trust, safety and gentleness.

elliott possesses an impressive knowledge of anatomy, as well as of many yoga and movement styles and approaches, acquired through many years of training and study. Just as important in this kind of work is the gift of intuition. Somehow, elliott is able to meet me where I am on a given day, to help me listen more to my body, mind and emotions, learning to move within whatever parameters are best for me that day. I have some chronic pain issues (headaches, shoulder/neck/back pain), and these have been eased and improved through working with elliott.



I had a total hip replacement and needed physical therapy. Yoga was an additional rehabilitation recommendation. elliott came over and gave me thoughtful and surprising means for improving my strength and flexibility. elliott was always gentle, thoughtful, insightful and loving.

Regardless of the type of practice elliott offered, the most consistent thread was their reminders to observe, slow down and their encouragement.

An overwhelming gift is their gratitude, which is counterintuitive. As a student/client, gratitude usually flows to the teacher. elliott returns and amplifies gratitude with humility.

I recommend elliott enthusiastically. I’m excited for whoever has the opportunity to work with elliott.

Jackie – walking, dancing, tying my shoes, again


I did not know what to expect during my first yoga therapy session. I have a desk job and I often experience pain and discomfort from sitting for long periods of time. I knew that I needed help to reconnect with my body and to be thoughtful about how I move. The first session was very different from any yoga movement class that I had been to before. First, it was completely customized to my needs. elliott was very good at communicating with me about any sensations or experiences that I was having during the session. Second, the session included two-way communication between elliott and myself, not just instruction like a yoga class.  There were moments of stillness and just experiencing my body, there were moments of movement and there were moments of talking and communicating. I learned to listen more closely to my body, to notice things in my body, and to move with intention in my body.

elliott is extremely skilled at communication about movement, bodies, and sensation, all without judgment. Although the experience was completely new to me, I felt comfortable and safe exploring new kinds of movement, describing experiences in my body and finding new ways of moving. I am able, on a day to day basis, to call upon what I learned during my sessions with elliott to move, stretch and walk differently.

elliott will help you find a new awareness of your body, breath and movement. They are able to work with you on specific issues related to pain or injury, as well as how you move, carry your body, stand, sit, and walk. Their expertise in yoga and anatomy, along with their excellent communication skills and ability to put you completely at ease makes for a therapeutic experience that is customized, thorough, impactful and life changing. A session with elliott is not just about addressing a specific problem or body ache, but leads to living, breathing and moving differently in your life. This can affect all aspects of health and wellness and give you the tools to notice what you are experiencing in your body, explore that experience further and modify your habits to feel comfortable and healthy each day.

Celeste – director in a non-profit organization, weight lifter


I am a yoga teacher and have had a daily yoga practice for many years.

I asked elliott to help me with creating a new “go to” morning routine to “freshen up” my practice.

We all need a little asana revision from time to time.  🙂

During our session, elliott and I discovered specific areas of my body that have been “complaining” and / or needing extra attention.

Within a few minutes elliott created a really well crafted asana sequence specifically for me.

It was awesome!

The next day elliott sent a copy and detailed description of the poses.

This copy also included extra information inviting me to explore the postures even more deeply.

I found this follow up document very supportive and helpful.

Since I have been introducing the new poses elliott suggested, areas of chronic imbalance in my shoulders have been remedied.

Now, that’s pretty fabulous huh?

I highly recommend elliott to help create (or refresh) your unique yoga practice sequence.

I have benefit and I expect you will too!

May we all have healthy, happy bodies with elliott’s kind and skillful guidance!




Meditative yoga with elliott is a wonderful gift to self. The gift of time to disconnect from the over-scheduled, overly stimulating life that many of us lead. elliott has a wonderful ability to lead without pushing, challenge without force and encourage without stress. elliott’s strengths allow you to open into yoga practice comfortable and confident about where you are with the freedom to grow towards what your body and spirit need.



I’ve always appreciated the yoga classes that elliott gives because they are so good at walking you verbally from the space you’ve been in to being in your body for the practice.

I wasn’t sure what yoga therapy would entail – asanas? therapy? The group class I took was very focused on the guided visualization journey into the body. Being a visual person it was very easy to participate. Each class I learn something new.



It’s hard to express what a profound gift it is to spend time in one’s body in the way that elliott can facilitate.  Their own amazing well of presence spills out in a very gentle kind of accompanying, a specificity of suggestion, a way of conveying the incredible range of choices and possible experiences that are available in our bodies at each moment, and a tenderness for the experience of that particular moment.

I got to do this work with elliott at a time in my life that was so full of intense transition that I was having trouble falling asleep at night.  In practice with them, I felt a deep settling-in, being able to nestle all the way into my own heart, to feel how my heart nestled into my lungs and how lungs, heart, and all the organs were held so surely by the surrounding tissue.  And of course, that became how I could fall asleep—easily and sweetly—beginning that night.



If embodiment is the channel, then elliott is the guide that has helped me see that I am the agent in my own physical and emotional healing.  I work at an office and often have a hard time prioritizing exercise in my day.  For me, yoga therapy with elliott has been the perfect fusion of exercise and healing work.  Every session is different week-to-week based on my needs and I often feel the resonance of one session with elliott until my next scheduled session with them.

I have not worked with a teacher or therapist that has been able to communicate about what my body is doing and how my body is doing it and why my body might be doing it like elliott can.

Jayell Ariansen


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